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Ride the Chlliwack River!

COME EXPERIENCE REAL BC ADVENTURE ONLY 1 HOUR FROM VANCOUVER. Whether you want family fun, super natural BC scenery, or adrenaline-pumping adventure, our experienced and professional crew will ensure a fun trip for everyone. Whitewater is available year round. Call us for real-time information on which trips are available.

There is always the scenic and moderate Chilliwack Classic raft adventure or a more challenging option. The challenging option available on the date you book will depend on the river conditions and the groups coming rafting.


Questions? Want to check availability? Please call 1-800-410-7238 or email

We will respond to your queries as soon as we can. If lines are busy please send us an email. See you on the river!

“Brilliant day on the river. Serious fun, great people, excellent safety measures and even the food was awesome. Highly recommend the experience for couples, family and any thrill seekers. This is BC at its finest!!”
“...Kayaking is the way to go! Had a blast on this trip, afternoon trip. First time in Whitewater in a kayak. It was fantastic. You do get tired because there are several sets of progressively increasing rapids , but so worth it...”
“I had a group of about 18 and everyone had an awesome time. The atmosphere was laid back, camping was fun, food was great, staff were friendly, and guides were exceptional. Highly recommend.”
“...This is a great experience for first time rafters, I recommend it to anyone looking to experience the river, mountains and fresh air with a knowledgeable, friendly and polite tour guide.”

Chilliwack River Rafting offers

  • Year-round rafting adventure
  • A fun ride in guided paddle rafts
  • Stunning Cascade mountain scenery and wildlife
  • 5-acre private riverside property
  • Over 25 years of experience operating on the Chilliwack River
  • Professional, friendly guides
  • Hearty buffet lunch
  • An unforgettable outdoor experience